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Reseller Hosting - Edit a Hosting Package

After you have your reseller account set up and you have packaged defined, you may decide that you want to change some aspects or resources that are defined in a package. This can be done by editing or modifying the package.

To begin, first log into your WHM, if you have not already done so:

Replace with your domain name, the domain name associated with your reseller account.

Find the section labeled Packages in the left frame of your WHM:

And then find the link for Edit a Package:


You can use the Find text box at the top of the left frame to find the Edit a package link:

When you click the Edit a package link the right frame will change to a page where you can define the package. First you will need to select the package you want to edit from the list:

When you click on Edit you will be taken to a screen that will allow you to redefine all of the aspects of that package.

These steps will be just like you were adding a new package, but instead of creating a new package, you are simply modifying the resources and aspect of the selected package.


Simply changing the resources and aspects of a package will not change those resources and aspects for the accounts that are already using that package. Modifying the package details simply modifies the details of that package for future use. To modify an existing account, you would need to Upgrade/DownGrade that account using the Upgrade/DownGrade link in your WHM.

When you have made all of the changes you want to make to the package, click on Save Changes to have your changes to the package saved.

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