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Reseller Hosting - Creating a Hosting Account

Once you have your reseller account set up and you have your packages defined, you are ready to add new hosting accounts to your reseller account.

You can add new accounts to your reseller account directly from your WHM interface.

To create new hosting accounts, first log into your WHM, if you have not already done so:

Replace with your domain name, the domain name associated with your reseller account.

Find the section labeled Account Functions ion the left frame of your WHM:

And then find the link for Add a New Account:


You can use the Find text box at the top of the left frame to find the Create a new account link:

When you click the Create a New Account link the right frame will change to a page where you can create an account. This is broken into 3 main parts.

First, the Domain Information section:

Here you define the Domain Name, Username, Password, and Contact Email for the webhosting account. Most of these aspects are self-explanatory. We do recommend using the Password Generator for generating an initial password, a strong password is a key to good account security.

Domain Name

A note about the Domain Name, do NOT enter the www. part of the domain name. The actual domain name does not include the www. part.

Second, the Package information section:

Here you can select the already defined package that you want the account to use. This would set the webhosting account to the resource limits that are defined in the selected package.

Third, the Settings section:

Here you can define what language the user's cPanel will be displayed in by default.

The other two sections, DNS Settings and Mail Routing Settings really need to be left alone and left to their defaults. These are advanced settings and if you do not know what you are doing can severely affect functions of the account.

The DNS Settings section will tell you what nameservers your newly created hosting account will need to use. Your client will need this information so that they can point their domain name to our servers. The nameservers will be listed in the section:

When you click Create the webhosting account will be created and you will receive an e-mail telling you the account has been created.

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