This tutorial will illustrate how to restore a MySQL dump backup of your database. It utilizes the capabilities of phpMyAdmin which can be found in your Control Panel. A MySQL dump file is a plain text file, that contains all the necessary queries needed to rebuild a database. If you prefer, you can upload the dump file to your account and submit a technical support request with the following information: and a support technician will restore your database.

You will need to begin by dropping or deleting the current database. The MySQL dump will override all the information in the current database. Because of this the database will need to be empty in order to for the restore to work properly. Please understand this if you submit a request to have a technician restore your database.

NOTICE:You must insure that the database you are dumping the information into is empty. This may mean that you will need to recreate the database and lose any information that is in it. If a backup was just created, little or no information should be lost

If you need further instruction on how to create a database, see this tutorial.

To begin you will need to click on the MySQL Database link when you log into your Control Panel.

Scroll down towards the bottom and click on the phpMyAdmin link.

At this screen you will see a drop down list at the top list that says (Databases) .... Clicking on this will give you a list of all the databases you have created on your account. You will need to click on the database that you want to dump the information into.

When you click on the database name, the right frame will change. You should see a tab near the top of that frame that reads SQL. Click on this link.

On this page you will see a line that reads Or Location of the textfile. Click the browse button next to this. Navigate your way on your local computer to the MySQL dump file that contains the information you want to restore. Select this file. Back on hthe page, click the Go button.

You should see a message telling you the status of your query. If it was successful, you will see the left frame change to display the tables in this database. If you think there is a problem, please contact Technical Support.

You will need to repeat these steps to restore any additional databases you have. If you have any other questions, feel free to contact our Technical Support department.