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Reseller Hosting - Creating Hosting Packages

Once you have your reseller account, the first thing you need to do before you can start reselling webhosting is create packages or plans for your would-be resold webhosting accounts. The packages define how much Disk Space and Bandwidth your resold accounts can use. This limit would be a subset of your reseller limits. So, another words, if you had a 30GB Disk Space/400GB Bandwidth reseller account, you would NOT want to create a package with 30GB Disk Space/400GB Bandwidth because that would be all of your reseller limits. You want to create packages that divide up your reseller limits resources into smaller units so that you can assign that number of resources to your resold accounts. The smaller you make each individual package limit in your reseller, the more webhosting accounts you can host with that package. But if you make the packages too small, then your would-be clients would likely be turned off by the offering.

Plans vs. Packages

This is really just different terminology for the same thing. We often use the terms plans and packages interchangeably. Just know that either term refers to the defined package you have set up in your WHM.

To begin creating packages, first log into your WHM, if you have not already done so:

Replace with your domain name, the domain name associated with your reseller account.

Find the section labeled Packages in the left frame of your WHM:

And then find the link for Add a package:


You can use the Find text box at the top of the left frame to find the Add a package link:

When you click the Add a package link the right frame will change to a page where you can define the package. This is broken into 3 separate parts.

First, the name of the package:

Here you just enter a name for the package. This can be anything, but it is a good idea to name it something you will recognize.

Package Name

Your reseller username will be appended to the beginning of your package name.

For example, if your reseller account's username is tedhost and you create a package, naming it Basic then for future reference this package will be referred to as tedhost_Basic. This is just a naming convention that is put in place for all resellers.

Second, define the resources for the package:

The key points to remember here are Quota (Disk Space) and Bandwidth. As pointed out earlier, you want to define these two aspects as a subset of your overall reseller limits. These are the only two aspects that are defined by your reseller limits.

The other aspects (Max FTP Accounts, Max Email Accounts, Max Email Lists, Max Databases, Max Sub Domains, Max Parked Domains, Max Addon Domains) can be set to any value. There are no restrictions on the values for these aspects.

Third, define the settings for the package:

Really none of these values should ever be changed from their default setting. Perhaps if you are from a foreign country (not the USA) and you expect all of your clients to be in the same country, you might set the Locale to better represent the spoken language for that country. But other than that, none of the other aspects should be changed from their defaults.

Now when you click Add the package will be created with your defined aspects.

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