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Reseller Hosting - Create a Feature List

Feature lists define what options are displayed in your user's cPanels. By default there is a limited number of options displayed in your user's cPanel. Some resellers want to define different feature lists depending on what package a hosting user may be subscribing to. To do this you need to define your feature lists.

To begin, first log into your WHM, if you have not already done so:

Replace with your domain name, the domain name associated with your reseller account.

Find the section labeled Packages in the left frame of your WHM and the link that says Feature Manager:


You can use the Find text box at the top of the left frame to find the Feature Manager link

When you click the Feature Manager link the right frame will change to a page where you can define the feature list. You will first need to name the feature list. You can name this anything, but generally the shorter the name is the better. Name it something that reflects what options this feature list will contain.

When you click on Add Feature List you will be taken to a screen that will allow you to define all of the options in that feature list. You can set whatever features you want:

When you have set all of the features that you want this feature list to contain, scroll down to the bottom and click Save.

Now when you go to create or edit a package, near the bottom you'll see the option to set the Feature List. Simply select which ever feature list you want that package to have.

You can also edit a feature list through the Feature Manager. Your defined feature lists will be listed under the Manage feature list when you click the Feature Manager link in your WHM:

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