Reselling Webhosting with your reseller account and WHM

Becoming a reseller allows you to sell your own webhosting account as your own company without the necessary knowledge and mess of managing your own server. Becoming a reseller is a great way to get started in the webhosting business.

This website will serve as an introduction to reselling webhosting and how to utilize your WebHost Manager (WHM) to perform the necessary tasks.

First to get started, know that you can always access your WHM by visiting the URL:

In this example replace with your domain name, the domain name associated with your reseller account.

This will present you with a page asking for your login information:

Enter the Username and Password of your account to login.

Username and Password

The Username and Password you use to access your WHM is the same username and password you would use to access your reseller account's cPanel. When you access your cPanel at:

You are prompted for a Username and Password and you would use that same username and password to access your WHM.

NOTE: Only your reseller account's username and password will have a WHM login.

To skip ahead to guides and walk-throughs for different aspects of your WHM interface use the links below:

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Create a New Hosting Account

Edit a Package

Upgrade/DownGrade an Existing Account

What is a reseller account?

A reseller account allows you to purchase a bulk amount of resources, typically a defined limit of Disk Space and Bandwidth for which you can spread out among many different webhosting accounts.

For example, say you ordered a reseller plans with 30GB Disk Space and 400GB Bandwidth then these are your reseller limits. You can create as many accounts as you want, so long as the total Disk Space allotted to the accounts is less than 30GB and the total Bandwidth allotted to the accounts is less than 400GB.

To further illustrate this, say you want to resell 30 webhosting accounts. With your 30GB Disk Space and 400GB Bandwidth you could set up each of the accounts with a 1GB Disk Space/12GB Bandwidth plan and you would have hit your reseller limits. To see this look at the math involved:

30 Webhosting Accounts X 1GB Disk Space Each = 30GB Disk Space - Your reseller limit.
30 Webhosting Accounts X 12GB Bandwidth Each = 360GB Bandwidth

If you just had 5 webhosting accounts that you wanted to resell, then you could set each of those accounts up on a 6GB Disk Space/80GB Bandwidth plan and you would hit your limits:

5 Webhosting Accounts X 6GB Disk Space Each = 30GB Disk Space - Your reseller limit
5 Webhosting Accounts X 80GB Bandwidth Each = 400GB Bandwidth - Your reseller limit

All of your resold accounts do not have to use the same package and resource limits. You can mix and match as you desire. You don't have to consume all of your resource allotments all of the time, you can set up 5 1GB Disk Space/30GB Bandwidth accounts which would consume 5GB Disk Space and 150GB Bandwidth of your reseller limits, leaving you with 25GB Disk Space and 250GB Bandwidth left to disperse for future accounts. The combinations are endless.

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