Using your ISP's outgoing mail server - Outlook Express

These instructions detail how to modify your settings in Outlook Express to use your ISP's outgoing mail server

NOTE: In the below examples, I am assuming my ISP is, which uses a mail server of You will need to contact your specific ISP and inquire about what outgoing mail server or SMTP server to use. Also, I will be assuming that my domain name is, and if I had followed the Welcome Letter instructions, my corresponding mail servers for incoming and outgoing mail would be

From Outlook Express, click on the Tools menu. Then select the Accounts. Then select the Mail tab. You should see a dialog box similar to:

Note: If you have more than one POP account set up in your Outlook Express, you will see it listed here as well. If you have multiple POP accounts set up in your Outlook Express and you send mail through any of these accounts, you will need to repeat all of the steps listed here for each specific account.

Now, click on the Properties button. If you have set up the account in Outlook Express properly, you will see a similar dialog to the one below:

Notice, the Name I have for this account. The name is showing as Scott Mutter amsnac2 account. I have intentionally set this up to appear this way for later on. Notice the E-mail address associated with this account, this will need to be noted for later as well.

Click on the Severs tab.

Here you will note that my Incoming and Outgoing mail servers are both set to I will now change the Outgoing mail (SMTP) server to that of my ISP, or for this example

NOTE: Again, I am assuming that my ISP is If that is not your ISP, or who you get your Internet Connection from, then you will need to use their outgoing mail server. If you do not have this information available, you will need to contact your ISP or Network Administrator for this information.

Once the change has been made, click on OK. Then you can click on Close from the Internet Accounts dialog box.

Now to demonstrate that messages sent through your ISP's mail server will still appear to have come from your domain name, I will send myself a test message:

In this example I am sending a message to You can see that the message will still appear to be from, but instead of sending through mail server, the message will be sent through my ISP's mail server (

When I check for new messages on the account, I see this message:

NOTE: Notice the name that is displayed in the From: field. This name corresponds to the Name I entered under the Properties for my POP account. If I click to reply to this message and then double click on the name in the To: field, I will see a dialog:

Notice that the e-mail address is highlighted as This is the e-mail address the recipient will be replying to. There are no traces of you using your ISP's mail server to send out the mail.