Using your ISP's outgoing mail server - Eudora

The steps given below detail how you can change your outgoing mail server to that of your ISP in the Eudora e-mail client.

NOTE: In the below examples, I am assuming my ISP is, which uses a mail server of You will need to contact your specific ISP and inquire about what outgoing mail server or SMTP server to use. Also, I will be assuming that my domain name is, and if I had followed the Welcome Letter instructions, my corresponding mail servers for incoming and outgoing mail would be

When you start Eudora you will need to click on the personalities tab. The icon will look similar to . Alternatively, you can go to Tools --> Personalities to bring up the personalities bar.

The personalities bar is a list of all the e-mail accounts you have setup to use in Eudora. You may have more than one. The tab should look something like below:

In my illustration I only have one personality, so by default it is the Dominant personality or POP account. Now select the POP account you are wanting to change, if you just have the one it will be the Dominant account. Right-Click on that personality and choose Properties. A dialog box will appear.

For the SMTP server change that box to that of your ISP's outgoing mail server. Again in my example, I will be using however you will need to use your specific ISP outgoing mail server. If you do not have this information, you will need to contact your ISP.

Notice that the Return Address still shows my e-mail address as This means that whenever I write someone from this e-mail client using my ISP's outgoing mail server, the message will still appear to have come from When the recipient replies to that message, the reply will go to my POP account.

Now click OK and you are ready to use Eudora to send out mail, using your ISP's outgoing mail server. Try sending a message to another e-mail account using the new Eudora settings and see if the message still shows as coming from your domain name.